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5 Top Essential Gifts For Women Travelers in 2018

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Ever wonder what are the top selling gifts for women travelers? Numbers won’t lie so we have compiled around 8,000 sales data points over 2018 and came up with this magical top travel list of essentials that are bought as gifts.

# 5 – Foldable Luggage Bag

The 5th most popular gift purchased for women travelers is the foldable luggage bag. In its folded and compact form, this bag fits right in your pocket and handbag and is most convenient to carry around. When expanded, it incredibly transforms into a light weight but high capacity duffel bag that can store most of your shopping goods. This gift provides the great ‘bang for buck’.

# 4 – Multi-Purpose Shoe Bag

We ranked the multi-purpose shoe bag in the 4th place. Often underestimated as a humble, plain-looking shoe bag, this product can pack a punch as most buyers can happily agree. If one of the most essential component of your travel accessories is your footwear, then this product is for you. Not only does it have multiple compartments to fit 2 pairs of sandals / slippers and 1 pair of shoes, it has pockets to fit other sports necessities like your socks and bottles of deodorant.

# 3 – Travel Passport Holder

Coming in third place is our travel passport holder. If you want to travel in style by not fumbling over your most important documents, cash and cards, this product is perfect for you. Organize your most important belongings and have a peace of mind while traveling, with this travel passport holder. Buy it for your friends and they will be grateful to you every time they travel.

# 2 – Sun Hat

The immortal sun hat is ranked second based on customers’ popularity and we do not need to explain why. Besides shielding you from the cancerous rays of the sun, you can look great and feel good while wearing this hat. Most suitable for travelers in the equatorial regions, this is the safest bet if you are deciding what to buy for your female colleagues.

# 1 – Lazy Portable Make Up Bag

Our first place product that is well-loved by most customers is our lazy portable make up bag. One reason why this is our number one product is its ergonomic ease of use. Perfect for the disorganized traveler, you just dump all your cosmetics into this expandable magic pouch. If you need access quickly, just spread it flat open in a few seconds and do what you need to. Once you are finished, just pull the magic string and it bundles up into a cute ‘dumpling’ shape pouch.

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