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Get Your Wallet Out Of Your Back Pocket!

It’s not really something you’ve given much thought to; from time immemorial, men like yourself have slipped their wallets into their back pockets, no questions asked. Well, it’s time to change that! Here are few questions you should be asking yourself if you’re a regular offender of the no-hind-pocket rule.

Why Do I Do It?

Let’s back up a little. Why did we chose the back pocket in the first place? The theories are interesting. Some suggest that traditional clothing etiquette allowed only a single hind pocket for men, right below the vest—basically, it gave us no choice. But as fashions evolved and trousers came to be multi-pocketed, men still chose to bypass the front pocket and stick their fully loaded wallets in their rear pockets. The reasons for this usually include comfort, ease of access and style.

Let’s give that a long, hard think, shall we?

Why Shouldn’t I Do It?


While standing up, your back pocket is as good a place as any to store your wallet. The problem crops up when you sit down, which we can safely assume is most of the time. Now, since you’ve been doing it for years, you might not have noticed — sitting on your 1-1.5 inch wallet creates a lopsided posture for your spine. This can cause major discomfort over time, even resulting in sciatica or back pain.

Easy To Pick

Another seemingly obvious reason is to keep your wallet safe from pickpockets. Back pockets are extremely easy to access — not just to you, but others too. If you switch to a front pocket, you never have to worry about guarding you money.

 Look Unappealing  

This is for those of you who claim that front pocket-ing is not in style: that lopsided bulge on your rear end is not exactly a treat to look at either. Just because we’ve come to find it normal over the years doesn’t mean there’s not something seriously wrong with it. But what do you do, if the front’s no good and the back clearly doesn’t work either?