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Get Your Wallet Out Of Your Back Pocket!

It’s not really something you’ve given much thought to; from time immemorial, men like yourself have slipped their wallets into their back pockets, no questions asked. Well, it’s time to change that! Here are few questions you should be asking yourself if you’re a regular offender of the no-hind-pocket rule.

Why Do I Do It?

Let’s back up a little. Why did we chose the back pocket in the first place? The theories are interesting. Some suggest that traditional clothing etiquette allowed only a single hind pocket for men, right below the vest—basically, it gave us no choice. But as fashions evolved and trousers came to be multi-pocketed, men still chose to bypass the front pocket and stick their fully loaded wallets in their rear pockets. The reasons for this usually include comfort, ease of access and style.

Let’s give that a long, hard think, shall we?

Why Shouldn’t I Do It?


While standing up, your back pocket is as good a place as any to store your wallet. The problem crops up when you sit down, which we can safely assume is most of the time. Now, since you’ve been doing it for years, you might not have noticed — sitting on your 1-1.5 inch wallet creates a lopsided posture for your spine. This can cause major discomfort over time, even resulting in sciatica or back pain.

Easy To Pick

Another seemingly obvious reason is to keep your wallet safe from pickpockets. Back pockets are extremely easy to access — not just to you, but others too. If you switch to a front pocket, you never have to worry about guarding you money.

 Look Unappealing  

This is for those of you who claim that front pocket-ing is not in style: that lopsided bulge on your rear end is not exactly a treat to look at either. Just because we’ve come to find it normal over the years doesn’t mean there’s not something seriously wrong with it. But what do you do, if the front’s no good and the back clearly doesn’t work either?

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Santa Test

I recently watched “The Christmas Chronicles” on Netflix which was about a pair of siblings pulling an all-nighter to save Christmas. In this movie, like all other Santa Claus movies, St. Nick was able to deliver presents to the entire world of “good children” within a few hours. This article is not a movie review but watching the movie, it seems that reality does not veer far from fiction.

As the growing trend of e-commerce might suggest, more and more people are shopping online for gifts for every occasion. Online shops including Amazon, Ali Baba, Lazada, Shopee and even Facebook Marketplace are leading the reindeers’ charge. Some are even creating additional occasions like 11/11 or 12/12 to create reasons for buying. If you are the traditional gifter who prefers to put in the effort and traveling time to shop for gifts in retail stores and malls, this article might not be for you. For the rest of us, if you are curious how online gift shopping has transformed over the years, please read on.

1. E-Commerce Of Everything Everywhere

E-commerce has infiltrated every product since Amazon started selling books online in 1994. You can buy practically everything online including groceries, flowers, alcohol, durians and even meal delivery services. You can literally stay at home and survive the apocalypse. Additionally, you can buy anything from anywhere in the world. The consolidation of regional e-commerce platforms like Ali Baba, Taobao and Lazada has made it much easier for one to buy from platforms from around the world.

2. Just In Time (JIT) Logistics

If there is anything that is significantly improved over the last few years, it has to be supply chain and logistics including last mile delivery. The reliability of shipping has caught up and outperformed consumers’ expectations so much that some platforms exist just for this market of instant gratification. Some examples include Amazon Prime Now, LalamoveGogoVanGrabUberRedmart, Honestbee etc. One inevitable consequence of JIT logistics is procrastination of buying gifts at the last minute. However, as academics has indicated good economics in procrastinating, they have also given us ‘JIT’ as an euphemism.

E-Commerce 3.0

E-Commerce 1.0 represents the beginning of an era of convenience. Consumers are able to make online purchases and payments without stepping outside. Goods are delivered straight to the doorstep. E-Commerce 2.0 marked a significant milestone in data analytics powering an omniscient recommendation engine that predicts what the users want. Moreover, products are pre-shipped over to regional warehouses before you even made the purchase online. Over this journey of digital maturity, one might be curious what else is next or what is E-Commerce 3.0? Jeff Bezos once famously said “Focus on the things that don’t change“. One thing that will never change is the increasing demand for better customer experience.

E-Commerce 3.0 symbolizes an elevated shopping experience that transcends beyond just convenience and knowing what you want. E-Commerce 3.0 is about holistically making you feel good and knowing what you do not even know about yourself. Platforms like Amazon and Ali Baba have revived ‘brick and mortar’ retail stores in pursuit of this experience (Amazon Go). Others have done it by stratifying online memberships such as LiveUp from Lazada, Prime membership for Netflix catering to the needs of different user segments.

There are many other ways of characterizing E-Commerce 3.0 (see here for another version). But Santa’s helpers are not just getting faster and better. They know what you want even without you preparing your wish lists.

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Staff Gifts VS Corporate Gifts For Your SME

If you are looking for gifts for your small community of co-workers, I bet you have been torn apart by the countless corporate gift suppliers on Google, not to mention thousands of eye numbing products that you have to scroll through endlessly. If out of sheer luck, something caught your eye, you might hit another roadblock by not meeting the minimum order quantity.

At Yemei Gifts, we focus on novel gifts for the smaller community and SMEs. In fact, we believe that the smaller your staff, the more important your relationships. Your colleagues are your literally your closest friends that you work and eat with every single day. Why buy them a bunch of selfie sticks or phone ring holders when you can find something more valuable, functional and meaningful. Something you will buy for your loved ones. Something at an affordable price. Something without a minimum order quantity. Something that matters more than the corporate brand on the product.

Shop around in our online store now and discover the true meaning of gifting! Merry Christmas and spread your joy to the people around you!

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5 Top Essential Gifts For Women Travelers in 2018

Travel In Style

Ever wonder what are the top selling gifts for women travelers? Numbers won’t lie so we have compiled around 8,000 sales data points over 2018 and came up with this magical top travel list of essentials that are bought as gifts.

# 5 – Foldable Luggage Bag

The 5th most popular gift purchased for women travelers is the foldable luggage bag. In its folded and compact form, this bag fits right in your pocket and handbag and is most convenient to carry around. When expanded, it incredibly transforms into a light weight but high capacity duffel bag that can store most of your shopping goods. This gift provides the great ‘bang for buck’.

# 4 – Multi-Purpose Shoe Bag

We ranked the multi-purpose shoe bag in the 4th place. Often underestimated as a humble, plain-looking shoe bag, this product can pack a punch as most buyers can happily agree. If one of the most essential component of your travel accessories is your footwear, then this product is for you. Not only does it have multiple compartments to fit 2 pairs of sandals / slippers and 1 pair of shoes, it has pockets to fit other sports necessities like your socks and bottles of deodorant.

# 3 – Travel Passport Holder

Coming in third place is our travel passport holder. If you want to travel in style by not fumbling over your most important documents, cash and cards, this product is perfect for you. Organize your most important belongings and have a peace of mind while traveling, with this travel passport holder. Buy it for your friends and they will be grateful to you every time they travel.

# 2 – Sun Hat

The immortal sun hat is ranked second based on customers’ popularity and we do not need to explain why. Besides shielding you from the cancerous rays of the sun, you can look great and feel good while wearing this hat. Most suitable for travelers in the equatorial regions, this is the safest bet if you are deciding what to buy for your female colleagues.

# 1 – Lazy Portable Make Up Bag

Our first place product that is well-loved by most customers is our lazy portable make up bag. One reason why this is our number one product is its ergonomic ease of use. Perfect for the disorganized traveler, you just dump all your cosmetics into this expandable magic pouch. If you need access quickly, just spread it flat open in a few seconds and do what you need to. Once you are finished, just pull the magic string and it bundles up into a cute ‘dumpling’ shape pouch.

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Corporate Gifts With A Meaning

Corporate gifts are often boring. If you are staring at a growing pile of selfie sticks, mobile phone ring holders, calendars, mugs (oh those bulky mugs that take up so much real estate!) at home and wondering if only you can sneakily give them away to others as Christmas presents, you are not alone. 

At Yemei Gifts, we believe that every special occasion is a precious opportunity to show that you care. Therefore, every little gift needs to be meaningful, whether it is for your loved ones, your community or your employees. Why not make every fleeting moment count and every gift memorable?

Take a chance and browse our carefully curated collection of unique gifts. Read the story behind each and every product that gives it meaning. Make every gift count! Corporate. Sticks sticks