Our Partners


Floral Garage Singapore is an established and rapidly growing floral e-commerce company founded on 2015. We are comprised of a team of passionate floral hobbyists and professional florists and operate via our online store at www.FloralGarageSG.com. Our flower bouquets and arrangements are done by our carefully selected and skilled team of florists. We pride ourselves on honesty and fairness in all our dealings and ensure that all our customers are treated with sincerity and respect. We deliver fresh and high-quality flowers to our customers, which are priced to the best of our ability. We believe that all individuals should be able to show love, care and appreciation to their loved ones through the use of flowers. Thus our mission is to provide the public with fresh and affordable bouquets and floral arrangements. 


We created Artistry Lab to guide you back to healthy skin. The message in simple: Our facial treatments and products are straightforward, safe and effective. Our Mission over the past 3 years has been to study skin health in depth and discover what is that the skin needs to function. We take pleasure in educating and guiding clients on that journey and leading them to a place of healthy, youthful and beautiful looking skin while using the latest aesthetic equipment to maintain healthy skin and fight anti Aging. Finally, our exploration of topical nutrition for the skin has led us to formulate a skincare line that we can trust and recommend to our clients. Artistry lab products do not contain any magical ingredients; rather, it contains exactly what your skin needs.